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System overview

Welcome to the Blink Mailer Manual.

This first chapter will explain what Blink Mailer is used for and give you a basic overview of how it works.

What is Blink Mailer?

Blink Mailer is used for sending email newsletters, announcements and notifications. It is designed to send a single message (a campaign), by email to large numbers of recipients (subscribers).

You organise your subscribers into lists and you can import email addresses from your email account, online shop, blog or database. You can also import attribute data, for example, subscriber name, city or shoe size.

Campaigns are composed in a web interface and can be personalised for each subscriber. Personalisation is done with the use of placeholders which display attribute data within the text of the emails, as well as unique links that allow subscribers to join or leave lists easily. You can use plain text, HTML and templates.

Once a campaign has been sent, Blink Mailer will show statistics about it. This will include opens/views (who read the campaign), clicks (who clicked which link in the campaign) and bounces (which addresses were incorrect and delivery failed). Bounced mails and unsubscribes are automatically removed from the system, which will benefit future delivery of campaigns

Blink Mailer uses phplist which is Open Source software and it is published under the AGPLv3 licence. 

A quick tour of Blink Mailer

Blink Mailer has an attractive web interface and a wealth of features to explore. 


Composing and sending campaigns is achieved by following a step by step process.

campaign workflow 


In Blink Mailer you upload your contacts once and the information is ready to use every time you send a campaign.

importing subscribers 

You can group subscribers into one or more lists 

 many lists phpList

Simply choose which list you want to send to when you create your campaign.

sending to a single list 

Subscribe pages

Subscribers can sign up to your lists though subscribe pages, which are fully customisable.

a phpList subscribe page

...and can be integrated with your website.

 integrate it with your website

Campaign Statistics

You can view basic and detailed statistics about every campaign you send to help you learn more about your subscribers.

phpList statistics

What does Blink Mailer not do?

Blink Mailer is a one-to-many email program. It cannot easily be used to have "email conversations" many-to-many as you might do on software such as mailman. 




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