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mailer Dealing with Bounces

When using an old list of subscribers you will find that there are quite a few bounces which can become a bit irritating. Blink Mailer enables you to identify certain subject lines and emails as bounced emails and then allows you to send them to a different email address in order not to clutter your email box. More detail about this can be found at this link but to get started just follow these directions.

Proceed in the Blink Mailer interface to System Manage Bounces > List Bounces Rules


Now let’s create our first bounce rule:

In the Regular Expressions field paste the followin:

(mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded|Recipient unknown|The e-mail address you entered couldn\'t be found|Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender|550 Previous (cached) callout verification failure|550 No such e mail address|SMTP error from rem|User unknown|Unknown user|Unknown address|No such recipient|No such user|The email account that you tried to reach is disabled|Recipient not found|Recipient unknown|Invalid recipient|Address unknown|Recipient address rejected|sorry, no mailbox here by that name|Mailbox disabled|address not found in table|User mailbox is not local|mailbox not allowed|Mailbox syntax incorrect|RESOLVER\\.ADR\\.RecipNotFound|account is disabled|This mailbox has been blocked due to inactivity|This account has been disabled|The email account that you tried to reach does not exist|This is a permanent error * local delivery failed)

Action should be Delete Subscriber and Bounce and the status should be active. This is a collection of Bounce receipts we have experienced over the past few years. You can easily add to this at any stage or make a new rule.